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Chicago was a damned boring place, full of concrete jungle that made her paws ache. It was only by accident, that she’d discovered the field that belonged to a local school, and only by a stroke of accidental luck, that the kids had come out a few minutes later, to find the strange looking dog on…

Wrestling with were-wolves? Check. Throwing it down with Vampires? Check, check. Where in the Wizarding manual was there anything about picking your kid up from school? Probably just slipped the Merlin’s mind. 

So MAYBE it wasn’t quite as… dramatic as running into a few baddies, but hey, in my job? You gotta be prepared. For all I knew, Mab could throw one of her tricks just to keep me on my toes. As long as Maggie was on the line, I sure as hell wasn’t going to be playing softball. 

So as soon as I stepped foot into the playground, the hairs on the back of my neck rose. Nonchalantly I scanned the court, trying to look as relaxed as possible. Green eyes met mine as I spotted a skinny black dog, currently receiving attention from both Mouse and Maggie. I held it’s gaze for a moment, before having to advert my eyes, letting them focus on Maggie.

Strange. I shouldn’t have been wary of a soul-gaze with a dog. It’s not that dogs don’t have souls, more- less to hide than people do. The only thing that kept me from causing a scene then and there was that Mouse seemed pretty calm about the situation. If anything, he’d be all over it if Maggie was in any real sort of danger. 

Still, never hurts to ask politely. I strode up to the strange dog, Maggie, and Mouse. Maggie noticed me instantly, and was in my arms within a number of seconds, talking excitedly about the black mutt on the pavement. 

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Post Skin Game Withdraw

Anyone missing Dresden enough to roleplay?

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Try to be more active…

((What with my Doctor account being so overrun I’d like to have holidays on this blog once in a while… OH and good news I have a face claim for Dresden.))

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ooc: a;ldsjfalksdjf pleaseeeeeeeeee tell me you're actually active on here.

I am actually!

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(OOC:) Hey all. I’m new to the whole rp blog thing, but this one is officially open. Please give me a shout/whatever if you’re looking for a rp. I follow back, too. That’s really all for now.